1. Open your GIF folder.

2. Choose every 4th GIF after each question. NO CHEATING!

This is you:



This is your best friend:



This is what your parents are like:


Dramatic much?

What you do when you’re alone:


This is actually accurate.

How strangers see you:



How the same sex sees you:


Well then.

How the opposite sex sees you


Hm, okay ;)

How your crush sees you:



Your favorite fandom:



Your taste in music


I guess not that good.

If you had a superpower it would be:


…Either I’m Loki…or my super power is drinking….

You in the morning:


I’m sassy in the mornings.

Your thoughts on school:



Your reaction to being asked out:


Very accurate.

Your parents reaction to you going on your first date:


They basically push me out the door… probably because I would be in shock.

What you do on Friday nights:


I just let things happen.

What you do in class when you should be listening:


Whatever this is.

Your reaction to failing a subject/test:


Kind of true.

Your reaction to passing a subject/test:


Act unsuspecting.

Your reaction to graduating:


Same as before. Like, what did you expect?

Your feelings on the world:


Sometimes, yes.

Your reaction to knowing the world is going to end:


Yea, probably.

What you would do to save the world:


I…don’t really know. I guess come up with some elaborate plan but have a hard time finding the stuff to execute it.

Your job:



How your kids act:



The rest of your life:


Yea, whatever.

How you die:


Bahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! Yep.

People at your funeral:

Judging each other.